Dziękuję za sprawne i szybkie znalezienie mieszkania. Jestem wymagająca, a mimo to mieszkanie jest dokładnie takie jak chciałam. Naprawdę profesjonalne podejście. Magdalena Kornatowska
Bardzo indywidualne podejście do klienta. Szczerze polecam! Izabela Dziura
Polecam! Świetna obsługa, poważne traktowanie klientów, świetny kontakt. Tomasz Bednarz


The owner of the agency for whom working in real estate is a kind of life mission. He puts help in meeting the clients' needs first. He bases his cooperation on... Read more >

Tomasz Nowak

602 667 669


He has extensive experience in the marketing research sector, which he uses in his work as an agent. His specialization is mainly the sale of houses and plots. Read more >

Jacek Zaczkiewicz

723 862 777

Doradca ds. niereuchomosci

He gained professional experience in Great Britain and Ireland. Specializes in the sale of houses and flats throughout the city. Read more >

Wiktor Brodzinski

664 232 374

Doradca ds. nieruchomości

Jest zawodowym muzykiem, co sprawiło, że to bardzo empatyczna i wrażliwa na szczegóły osoba. Do każdego podchodzi indywidualnie i z uśmiechem na twarzy. Read more >

Natalia Małek


Doradca ds. nieruchomości

A graduate of the Krakow University of Technology. She has been actively involved in the real estate market for several years. He specializes in the primary mar... Read more >

Beata Michalska


Doradca ds. nieruchomości

Extensive interests in investment, coaching and business allow him to realize himself as an agent. Specializes in the sale of apartments throughout Krakow.Exten... Read more >

Jacek Siewierski

727 917 317

Doradca ds. nieruchomości

Working with people is his passion, he is fulfilled by working as a real estate agent. It specializes in selling houses and flats throughout the city. Read more >

Wojciech Tomkiel

786 021 331

Doradca ds. nieruchomości

She loves working with people. Her ease to easily connect with others, has led her professionally to where she is. She truly committed herself to Real Estate Bu... Read more >

Libusza Derewińska


Doradca ds. nieruchomości

He sees life as a huge, complex puzzle where everything is intertwined. Nothing is impossible for her. Its best feature is the ability to create original soluti... Read more >

Dagmara Mielczarek

531 733 338

Kierownik biura

An intermediary with many years of experience in the DIY industry. A lover of planning, self-sufficiency, healthy living style, forms for the whole life, non-d... Read more >

Szymon Uchwat


Doradca ds. nieruchomości

Many years of experience in a managerial position allows her to conduct business entrusted by clients in a perfectly organized and effective manner. He speciali... Read more >

Agata Chorążewska

791 380 672

Doradca ds. nieruchomosci

She worked as a journalist and as a sales manager. At work, she values contact with other people, cooperation and jointly achieved success. Read more >

Paulina Polak


Doradca ds. nieruchomości

Aleksandra is organized and open to other people, she is always willing to help. Therefore, he is an ideal person to administer your apartments. Read more >

Aleksandra Smakosz

531 733 338

Kierownik biura

Works in a position related to marketing and social media. The greatest passion is constantly discovering new things, which also allows you to fulfill yourself ... Read more >

Agata Cierpich

791 441 144

Specjalista ds. marketingu

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