We sell the estates under possibly best conditions.

It is our common interest to get as many as possible potential customers and other estate agents to know your estate. It is our task. Thanks to that, your chances to sell the estate increase.

An estate, just like any other commodity, shall be properly prepared for the sale. And to sell it well, you need to exercise deliberate marketing and sales efforts. Become familiar with our solution and you will realize how effective our actions are.

Krok 1

Market analysis – optimal sales price attracts more customers

Krok 2

Photo session and home staging – a professionally photographed interior is more attractive

Krok 3

The layout of the estate – the buyer shall visualize the space better

Krok 6

www.nestate.pl – well positioned webpage is visible to customers

Krok 5

Marketing plan – a detailed plan of promotional actions

Krok 4

Proper description – an accurately selected target group increases the chances of the interest in the offer

Krok 7

Real estate web portals – help to reach a bigger number of customers

Krok 8

Social media / Facebook, Instagram - non-standard actions are effective

Krok 9

MLS – all the agents in the market have the access to offers

Krok 12

A Drone/ a video – an advanced technology will make the offer more attractive if necessary

Krok 11

A Drone/ a video - presentation without any commitments in a relaxed atmosphere

Krok 10

Banner – the residents of a given district are often the buyers

Krok 13

Own customers base – quick verification of the purchasers gives a chance to find a buyer as early as at the stage of preparing the offer

If you really want to sell your property and not be involved in selling for ages, write to us. We shall organize a meeting during which we will decide together on what we can help you with.

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