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Spacious apartment in a modern housing estate.

Nowak estate

Real estate office Krakow. We make dreams about a new home come true

We create a local Nowak Estate Real Estate Agency, which, thanks to 17 years of experience in real estate, knows the market in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship perfectly. Our real estate agency will guide you through the entire sales or purchase process, thanks to which you will save your time and money.

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Tomasz Nowak

właściciel Nowak Estate

Why is it worth trusting us?

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more then 17 years

on the real estate market

in Poland and abroad – we understand customer needs well, thanks to which we find buyers faster.


so high

We were rated by clients who entrusted us with property management. You can be sure that we will fulfill the entrusted task.



we treat each client and property individually. You receive a tailor-made solution, tailored to your needs.

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What do we specialize in?

Sales intermediation

Do you need help determining the value of your property and finding a buyer? We will help you sell your apartment or other property. We will take care of marketing and negotiations to save you time and effort.

Buying an apartment, house, plot

Do you want to buy a property? We will provide you with access to a wide database of offers that you will not find on advertising portals. We will only present you offers that meet your requirements, which will save you time.

Real estate for rent in Krakow

Did you buy an apartment with the intention of renting it out? We will help you find a tenant. We will verify it and advise you on how to prepare the property for rent, thanks to which you will achieve profit faster.

Real estate administration in Krakow

Do you want to save time, effort and stress related to property management? Let us take care of your payments, find suitable tenants and enjoy the benefits of hassle-free renting.

External sales department for the developer

Do you want to focus on planning new investments? Entrust us with marketing services, avoid fixed costs and pay only when the property is successfully sold. See how we can help you with this.

Credit intermediation

Do you want to quickly get a loan on the best terms? Our advisors cooperate with many banks and will help you determine your creditworthiness and find the best offer for you.

A guide to selling an apartment

Find out how to complete the transaction efficiently and safely sell your apartment for the best possible price

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Regardless of whether you want to sell your property, are looking for a house for your family, or are planning to rent the perfect apartment, you can always count on our support and full professionalism.

We sell 90% of the properties
up to 3 months


We make every effort to sell the property at the best price per square meter for the client and favorable sales conditions. To this end, we track and analyze the current situation on the real estate market and assess the individual needs and expectations of our clients.


We offer comprehensive assistance in the real estate sales process, consulting, real estate marketing, organization of its presentation and assistance in conducting negotiations with potential buyers. Our priority is efficient operation, customer satisfaction and full transparency in transactions.


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95% of clients make transactions with us


Customers buying a house, apartment or plot need access to the best real estate offers. That is why we act professionally and reliably, looking for special offers for our clients that meet their requirements and preferences.


Our experience and knowledge of the market allows us to effectively negotiate prices and transaction processes. This makes the real estate purchase process easier and less stressful for our clients.


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What will you gain by using the services of our real estate agency?


We help you complete all legal and administrative formalities related to real estate. We collect documents and contracts. We only present you offers that meet your expectations.


We cover the costs related to the promotion of offers, we pay for a photo session, video presentation and other marketing activities. We advise on real estate financing and legal matters.


You will gain peace of mind, even if you have no knowledge of law, real estate valuation or negotiations. We deal with the entire process of selling an apartment or house, both on the secondary and primary markets.

No risk

We only collect remuneration in the event of successful sales. You don't have to worry about any additional or unforeseen costs. We transparently communicate the principles of cooperation with us.

Help in

Thanks to our knowledge of the market, trends, prices and negotiation strategies, we will help you achieve the best transaction conditions. You can be sure that with us you will get what you want and you will be satisfied with the decision you make.

special offer
real estate

At the beginning of our cooperation, we will define the target group and designate a marketing strategy tailored to it. You will be sure that we will use an individual approach and modern methods of reaching the customer, which will accelerate sales.

Gain higher quality of cooperation thanks to exclusivity

Did you know that exclusive cooperation, according to experienced agents and their clients, is the best solution that brings real benefits for both parties? We have been appreciating this form of cooperation for 6 years and have noticed how it affects the quality of our work. What do you gain from exclusive cooperation?


The agent does not focus on the number of offers, but on the quality of service, thanks to which he knows the properties under his care better.


Despite our exclusive cooperation, we do not exclude ourselves from clients purchasing from other offices, we are happy to cooperate to find a buyer.


One carefully prepared advertisement on many websites increases the chance of a quick and fruitful transaction. The buyer does not feel confused when looking at different photos and different prices of the same property.


We devote time to effectively promote real estate because we know that our remuneration depends on sales.


You contact one agent who keeps you updated about the presentations being carried out. Your potential customers see the same photos and prices on all websites, which helps avoid chaos and increases interest in your offer.

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