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Effective sale of your development investment

for the developer

Focus on growing your company and planning development projects.

We will take care of the marketing and sales of your investment. With 17 years of experience, we have a deep understanding of the local market.

As an External Sales Office, we collaborate with leading real estate agencies in Małopolska, expanding our reach and reaching a larger group of potential buyers. We provide ongoing sales progress reports and analyze the competition. Additionally, we operate in the secondary market, increasing access to potential clients for your properties.

Through our ongoing collaboration, we will present attractive offers for plots for future investments. We also offer support in analyzing their sales potential. We leverage modern marketing techniques to reach individuals interested in making a purchase.

What will you gain through collaboration?

Time Savings

You will gain more time to develop your business. As your External Sales Department, we will handle conversations, correspondence, presentations, transactions, loans, and maintaining relationships with buyers from reservation to property handover.

No Fixed Costs

You don't have to go through the recruitment process to hire individuals for marketing and sales. Through our collaboration, you avoid risks - you incur marketing and sales costs only when a property is sold.

Safety and
Legal Support

We collaborate with a trusted notary office that handles contract preparation and provides support in all legal matters.

Faster Company Growth

You no longer have to experiment with marketing activities on your own. You can focus on key tasks in the company, allowing you to better utilize your time and skills.

Effective Marketing Activities

We will organize photo sessions and video presentations for the properties. We will highlight the investment potential and attractiveness of the location. We will create aesthetically pleasing sales offers, enhancing the appeal of listings in the eyes of potential buyers and speeding up the sales process.

Increased Sales Opportunities

We collaborate with other real estate agencies, giving us access to their client base. We also operate in the secondary market. This helps us reach a larger number of individuals and facilitates finding buyers.

Effective Marketing of Development Investments – How We Promote Your Properties?

We collaborate with experienced specialists specializing in the marketing and sales of developer properties. We will analyze the target audience for your investment, their needs, and expectations. We will create a marketing plan focused on the potential client.

Video Presentation

Our video experts will prepare a film to generate buyer interest and showcase the progress of work, increasing the chances of a purchase.

Photo Session

We collaborate with experienced photographers. We will ensure a good first impression for buyers, showcasing the property's strengths.

Drone Photography

We will capture not only the property itself but also its surroundings and nearby infrastructure. We will use the photos in multimedia presentations and on social media, enhancing the attractiveness and visibility of the offer.

3D Visualization

Prospective buyers will have a realistic preview of the property before construction is completed, facilitating an informed decision to purchase.

Virtual Tour

Interested parties can view the property from any location, convenient and time-saving. The listing will reach people outside the region. Clients will explore the interior of the property, generating positive impressions and increasing interest in the offer.

Create a Website

We will prepare property cards, build the image of your development investment. We will ensure the visibility of the offer, attracting attention and building customer trust. Property presentations – highlighting key advantages and unique features of the investment, contributing to a positive reception by potential clients.

Turnkey Interior Finishes

If necessary, we will handle the organization and realization of the show interior. Potential clients will be more inclined to consider the offer and pay more for the property, seeing finished solutions.

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