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Need help with financing? Would you like to know your creditworthiness and the most favorable loan conditions? We're here to help. We collaborate with experienced credit advisors in Małopolska. We will provide you with free expert support, allowing you to understand your financing options.

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Why is it Worth Getting Help with Real Estate Financing?

Understanding Your


Our credit advisors will help you obtain a reliable and professional assessment of your creditworthiness. You will avoid disappointments related to choosing properties that you cannot afford.

Access to Diverse


We have access to many different banks and financial institutions. This gives you the opportunity to choose from various loan offers, allowing for a more thoughtful and informed decision-making process.

with Banks


Credit experts have experience in negotiating with banks, effectively representing your interests to secure better loan terms, increasing your financial savings in the future.



We ensure the confidentiality of your personal data in accordance with GDPR regulations. Our credit advisors will explain all aspects of the loan agreement to you - interest rates, commissions, repayment terms, withdrawal clauses, and any potential penalties.

Complete Transaction


We will provide you with support at every stage of obtaining the loan. We will free you from formalities, gather documents on your behalf, prepare applications, and coordinate actions between you and the bank.



You don't have to independently explore offers from all banks. Our credit advisors will explain all the intricacies related to the mortgage and guide you to the most favorable option.

Real Estate Financing – How Does Collaboration Work?

Have you found the house or apartment you were looking for and need support in financing? Or perhaps you want to know your creditworthiness before searching for a new place? See how to prepare for the purchase of real estate on credit.

Free Support

Our credit advisor service is free for you. The specialist's remuneration is covered by banks or financial institutions. You will benefit from free, reliable advice and learn about your creditworthiness.

Multiple Options

The credit advisor acts on behalf of the client, not tied to any specific bank or financial institution. Their goal is to find the best credit solution for you, regardless of which institution offers the credit. They will help you compare multiple offers and choose the most favorable one for your situation.

No Risk

You will minimize the risks associated with the loan acquisition process. You will avoid hidden fees and indebtedness beyond your means. We will warn you about potential credit pitfalls.

How to Check Creditworthiness for Free and Obtain the Best Loan?

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