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Nowak Estate Real Estate Agency - Why Entrust Us with Tenant Search?

Don't have the knowledge and experience in tenant search? Don't want to leave your property in the wrong hands? We understand your concerns. We will help you avoid problems and financial losses.



What will you gain through collaboration?

Time and Money Savings

Don't waste time on independent tenant search and verification. We will quickly determine if the interested party is who they claim to be. We will help prepare the apartment for rent, saving you time and money.


We will ensure the protection of your property, minimize potential problems, and financial losses. Thanks to our collaboration, you can focus on rental income without risks.

Assistance with

We will help you with rental-related formalities such as preparing lease agreements, determining utility fees, or property insurance. You don't have to handle these matters personally.

Tenant Verification

We will understand your expectations regarding tenants, check the incomes of interested individuals, and determine if they are not listed in the debtor's database. You will gain confidence that you are renting to trustworthy people.

Real Estate

For promotional purposes, we will use various channels such as websites, real estate portals, social media, allowing us to reach the maximum number of those interested in renting and help you find a reliable person.


Nowak Estate Real Estate Agency is a local company. We have knowledge about the real estate market in Krakow, keep track of regulations and standards for rented properties. We will provide you with the best assistance and advice in the rental process.

How Do We Verify Tenants?

We have the experience and tools necessary to conduct a comprehensive verification of potential tenants.

We use the system, which secures the interests of both parties.

We will help you insure yourself against unpaid rent.

During the three-stage tenant verification, the tenant confirms their identity, income, and credit/payment history.

They then receive a Tenant Certificate, which informs whether there is potential risk regarding payments.

With our collaboration, you gain confidence in selecting honest and responsible tenants.

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Reach out to us by writing to us, calling, or filling out the form on our website.


Identify the Target Audience

Let's discuss your property, expectations, and possibilities to determine the target audience.


Sign the Agreement

This document will secure the interests of both parties and provide you with the assurance that we will fulfill the entrusted task.


Conduct Marketing Activities

With a good understanding of the target audience, we will establish an effective marketing strategy to reach potential tenants.


Verify Potential Tenants

We will check the financial credibility of those interested in renting to ensure their reliability.


Ensure Rental Security

We will assist you with all the formalities and prepare the necessary documents to ensure a secure rental process.

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