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we will take care of your property so that you can focus on rental profits

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Are You the Owner of an Apartment or House for Rent in Krakow?

Do you lack time for handling payments and resolving issues? Do you want to avoid constant contact with tenants, dealing with ongoing problems, or unnecessary trips to Krakow?

Let us take care of all that, so you can focus on your rental profits. Let us take care of all that, so you can focus on your rental profits.

I want to talk about cooperation

Nowak Estate Real Estate Agency – Why Should You Entrust Property Management to Us?

What will you gain through collaboration?

Time Savings

We will free you from tenant meetings, payment settlements, and time-consuming trips to the rented property. We will solve all your rental-related problems, giving you extra time for yourself.

Cost Savings

You will avoid costs associated with meetings with tenants. We collect a security deposit from them and require tenant liability insurance, which protects your interests in case of potential damages. We will ensure timely payments, so you receive rental income every month.


We will find a tenant for you, ensure regular payments, and organize a suitable professional in case of any malfunctions. Regardless of your place of residence, you can rent out your apartment in Krakow.

Proper Property Maintenance

We collaborate with experienced renovation teams. You don't have to search for professionals and supervise their work. Thanks to our collaboration, you will gain peace of mind and avoid disputes with tenants.


We represent your interests as the property owner. We will ensure that all administrative matters are handled on time and in accordance with applicable regulations. With rental risk insurance, you will gain assurance of rent payment and legal protection.

No Unnecessary

You won't have to worry about preparing and signing lease agreements with tenants or creating handover protocols. We will keep you informed about payments and any necessary repairs.

Real estate administration

how does the cooperation work?


Property Preparation

Preparing the property for rent


Search for a Reliable Tenant

We will verify the identity, income, credit history, and payment history of the person interested in renting the property. After verification, they will receive a Tenant Certificate.


Signing the Lease Agreement

We will take care of the formalities for you. We will prepare and sign documents to secure the rental.


Handing Over the Property to the Tenant

We will inspect the condition of the apartment and fill out protocols taking into account the equipment.


Payment Monitoring

We will ensure timely rental payments and quickly respond in case of delays.


Carrying Out Repairs

We will arrange for the removal of any defects to keep the property in good condition.

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